About Us
Henrietta House is located close to the centre of Bath, just a short stroll from the heart of the historic city. Henrietta Street was constructed as part of Bath’s new, exclusive Bathwick suburb in the 1780s by Sir William Pulteney. England’s richest man at that time, Sir Pulteney named our street in honour of his beloved daughter, Henrietta. The architecture reflected the splendour and might of Britain’s growing empire and consequently, this street became one of the most fashionable addresses in the country.
Steeped in history, Bath’s Henrietta House originates from the 1780s when a ‘new town’ area of Bath was built south of the river Avon. The architect of Henrietta House and the street was Thomas Baldwin who worked with Sir William Pulteney to divide up what had been river meadows.Today, Henrietta House offers a centrally located, tranquil setting with accommodation in 21 unique rooms.
Bath was one of the most exclusive and glamorous cities in the entire world in the 1700s. Home to celebrated names such as Thomas Gainsborough (painter), Admiral Phillip (founder of Australia), and William Herschel (discoverer of Uranus), Bath was a spa town and retreat for the wealthy. A place where the upper echelons of British society could decamp from their country estates and London town-houses to meet, revel and make new connections over the summer months. The city was filled with the bustle of servants, the clatter of hooves and the chatter of the upper classes, gossiping over tea or duelling at the card table.
Bath’s pre-eminence as ‘the place to be seen’ began to decline in the late 1700s. Whilst seaside resorts such as Brighton became the new fashionable hotspots for the privileged, Bath’s allure as a place of culture, healing and relaxation never disappeared entirely. Over two nights during the Second World War, Bath suffered heavy bombing, destroying much of the city close to the river. The scars of this trauma are evident in the entanglement of old and new buildings scattered across the city today.
Bath is now as popular as ever. It is home to a large student population, drawn by the city’s two esteemed universities. Travellers flock to the city to admire the architecture and peruse the Roman Baths – the grandest & best preserved example in northern Europe. Meanwhile, the residents proudly inhabit a UNESCO world heritage city (courtesy of Bath’s Georgian architecture), and its streets are regularly employed as sets for film and TV, starring in films such as ‘The Duchess’, ‘Vanity Fair’ and ‘Sense and Sensibility’.
We hope you will fall in love with our city during your stay with us and help us write the next chapter in Bath’s long history.
Almost uniquely for a historic hotel, Henrietta House Hotel has been designed to be fully accessible to all of our guests, no matter what their physical needs. The hotel is wheelchair accessible with most rooms accessible by lift. For our guests requiring additional accessibility features, we proudly offer disability-friendly suites, fitted with mobility aids such as bath-bars, larger floor space and reduced height room fittings.
Health & Safety
We are as passionate about your health and safety as we are about your comfort and care. We have therefore gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our hotel conforms to the toughest safety standards, even though our buildings are over 200 years old.
Every room is equipped with key-card locks and a digital safe, and we provide a 24 hour reception and concierge service.
Our buildings, fittings and furniture conform to the highest standards in fire safety, incorporating features that match the best in contemporary developments. We have completely stripped and rebuilt our interior, fitting fire-retardant floors, ceilings, walls and doors ensuring that all rooms can fully contain a fire for over one hour. Our fire suppression and alarm systems are state-of-the-art and are installed throughout the hotel, with clear emergency exit routes, emergency lighting, multiple exit points and fire-proof lifts in place. You can therefore enjoy your stay, knowing that your well-being is assured.